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Texting your customers: The friendliest way to increase wine sales

Communicate in a way that people actually enjoy and make wine shopping easy and fun.

We all know that sound. The ping and vibration from our phones when we receive a new text message. It is a natural human reflex to instantly grab your phone and start swiping through your texts.

If this sounds familiar, then you are likely one of the 96% of Americans who own a cell phone.1 A text, or SMS message, turns out to be the world’s most favorable form of virtual communication. Open rates for this method of communication are as high as 98%. This is huge, especially when compared to email, for which an open rate of 20% is considered a victory.

Nearly every text message gets opened by the person that it’s delivered to, making this one of the most robust ways to reach out. Yet, most wineries don’t use text to share opportunities to buy wine with their customers or as an engagement channel. 

If there is a perception that people don’t want to be “bothered” by notes over text, that’s inaccurate. In fact, 75% of people suggest that they’d be pleased to get an offer via SMS.2 Texting allows you to break through the clutter with personalization, instead of crowding a screen with more words, numbers and sounds. Plus, it is incredibly easy for people to glance at a message and click a link—barriers are basically nonexistent.

If your winery isn’t communicating with people via text, now is definitely the time. Tasting rooms are closed or limited, reducing the one-on-one contact that wineries and wine lovers get to enjoy. 

Here’s some advice on how to use texting to increase wine sales:

Segment the right message to the right person.

Don’t offer curbside pickup to someone that lives across the country. Don’t try to get someone to sign up for the club if they are already a member. Do choose the offer wisely and deliver it to just the right buyer.

🗨  Example: Hi Veronica, this is Albert from Fern Vineyards. You purchased three bottles of Pinot Noir when you visited last year, but didn’t subscribe to our member list. You are invited to join our Wine Club for free and get a bonus gift. Sign up here. Thanks!

Trigger wine club buy-ups.

Before the next shipment goes out, send a text and ask if they’d like to include a few extra bottles.

🗨  Example: Hi Mark. Albert from Fern Vineyards here. Your wine club package is about to ship. Want to add on two bottles of rosé for just $15 each? I thought you’d like to taste this new release. No extra shipping cost! Click here to make it happen.

Offer a flash sale.

In the time it takes you to type up a few lines of text, and segment your list, you can run a sales campaign. Research shows that 92% of shoppers use at least one discount code each year, so offering codes is a great way to get people to sign up for your list.

🗨  Example: Hi Joy! It’s Albert from Fern Vineyards. Last time you visited you bought a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. We are running a flash sale on red wines, 10% off until May 30. Click here to shop (and shipping is on us with the code REDWINE). Thanks!

Attach an image or flyer.

Attach a bottle shot or lifestyle image of a special product to entice a purchase.

🗨  Example: Melissa! Hello from sunny California. It’s Albert from Fern Vineyards. I know you can’t visit the tasting room right now, so I’m sending a pic of our newest releases with a view of our beautiful estate vineyard in the background. I’d love to ship you a couple bottles to enjoy at home. Hop over to our site here to tell me which ones you’d like to buy!

Be super convenient.

Some people don’t buy wine online because they think the shipping process will be a pain. With texting, you can make it easy by sending reminders, eliminating this shopping pain point. See more on texting for shipping communication here. <<< link to shipping article.

🗨  Example: Hey there Ron, it’s Albert from Fern Vineyards in California. Thanks for making your first online purchase! Remember, someone 21+ will need to sign for the bottles, so we’ll stay in touch so you can plan ahead. 

One last thing. Texting and emojis go hand in hand, but what about for a business message like these? 😁 According to a recent report,3 72% of people do use emojis or images in texts for business communication, so feel free to add a little fun. 

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