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How to use texting to acquire new customers

To stay connected to people, you need a contact point. Texting is the easiest way to get new customers to opt-in for your winery’s communication.

There are people out there admiring your winery, and you don’t know who they are. This is a situation laced with missed opportunity, but one that has an easy remedy.

You see, when people filter into your tasting room or glance at your wine on shelves, you may never have the chance to reach out to them…unless you find a way to get them to share a point of contact. 

But there is one thing almost all of these people have in common: they probably own a cell phone. In fact, 96% of Americans have one. And they use them. Research shows that people are on mobiles for around 5 hours every day.1 

To be sure that you are one of their contacts, don’t let them walk away from your property or product without getting their number. Do this by offering them something in exchange. This is called an opt-in, and promotions and deals are a key way to do this. When they text a code to your number, you send them back a message with a coupon or special. 

According to a recent study,2 72% of people said texting is their preferred mode of communication for personal and business use. Because people prefer texts, they actually open what you send and will be more likely to make a purchase.

Email campaigns are lucky to get a 20% open rate, while text messages get opened 98% of the time! 3

Here are some ideas on how to use this powerful communication method:

Don’t miss out.

Every person that walks into your tasting room (or visits your website or social platforms) should be offered a special discount if they text to your designated number. This isn’t necessarily asking them to buy something now, but in the future, and it puts more contacts into your hands. This call to action is positioned somewhere in the tasting room, let’s say on a chalkboard, sales receipt or via a convo with your staff.

🗨  Example: Want to get free shipping on your next order? Text FREE to 222-2222. If you do it today, we’ll throw in a free gift. Thanks for visiting Gate Cellars. We💗 our visitors!

Convert retail to DTC.

For most wineries, if a wine is purchased at retail, you have no idea who bought it, with no power to reach out to them again. To convert retail into future DtC, include a message on your bottleneckers ask for a phone number in exchange for an instant coupon.

🗨  Example: Pick me! I’m the rosé for you. And I come with a bonus: text SUMMER to 222-2222 now for $5 off.

Insiders only.

IThe phone number contacts you have on your list should be treated like GOLD. People have shared this with you, often with the presumption that you won’t share it or blow up their phone. And if you do: they will opt out. Engagement-style texts should have the texture and voice of this somewhat intimate status.

🗨  Example: Text WINE to 222-2222 for $10 off your next tasting. We’ll never share your phone number, so it’s safe with us.

Pop up!

When a customer visits your site, greet them with a pop up message that offers a savings code. The perfect time to offer a coupon is when a person is actively shopping for your wine.

🗨  Example: New customers take $10 off $100 purchase. Text NEW to 222-2222.

And don’t forget to ask for a text-opt in from current customers. Toss a card into the bag when they check out asking them to text for an offer on their next purchase, or have a staff member take down their number at check out. 

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