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Cut Down On No Shows With Text Reservation Reminders

Texting will ensure that guests arrive on time and excited for their winery visit.

Imagine this. Tasting rooms have reopened (whatever that looks like) and a group of friends heads out to wine country and books a bunch of tastings in advance. And, because your winery rocks, they’ve made a reservation for seven at your place, 3:00pm on a summer Saturday. Best seat in the house.

What if they don’t show? If the group didn’t pay in advance, that’s not good for business. A lot of income is missed this way.

In fact, the hospitality industry bears a no-show rate of around 10-15%1 for reservations made in advance.

There is a super simple and easy way to keep in touch with your guests in the days and hours before they walk in your door and experience your outstanding hospitality. Send out a few text messages!

Here’s why and how this will work for you:

Everybody reads their texts.

Seriously! It’s reported that 98% of texts are opened. Sure, a text and an email can convey the same information, but emails are lucky to be clicked on only 20% of the time.

Voicemails stink.

Leaving a voicemail and asking a person to call you back takes time and effort, and it’s perceived as a drag. In the vast majority of cases, the message will be ignored. If your phone number isn’t recognized when you call, data shows that the recipient will listen to it less than 20% of the time.2 Yet, in a recent survey,3 88% of people can’t go 24 hours without responding to a text.

Do more than remind.

You are sending nudges, but you can also send other useful information: “Hey, we know you are probably leaving your hotel soon, click this map to see how to get here.” Or, “When you get here, park in the special section designated for members!”

Share excitement.

A reminder shouldn’t look and feel like a bossy command, instead help build the good energy that guests will enjoy at your winery. A simple message that says “your seat is waiting” or a picture of the winery dog with a note that “Max can’t wait to see you” is just right.

Be personal.

Address the note to the recipient directly, and have it come from an actual staff member. Try something like this: “Hi Ron, it’s Cara from Clearwater Winery. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon. We’ve got a little treat for you, can you let me know if you prefer sweet or salty?”

Expect a response back.

Texting is a perfect mode for communication on the fly, say 24 hours before a reservation, then another a couple of hours before. People always have their phone handy and they can easily send back a quick confirmation. Almost 80% of people say sure, they’d have a text conversation for business purposes.4

This works with virtual tastings too.

A text a few hours before the tasting will remind people and it also provides useful information, such as which wines they should chill or open early.

There’s one big plus in the texting column—it doesn’t need wifi, so if your guests are away from their hotel or home, they don’t need to be connected to their roaming data plan to get updates.

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