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Text Your Winery's Customers

Provide outstanding customer service, helpful automated reminders, and sell more wine.

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See how easy it is to set up Vimbibe and send text messages to your customers. Do it all from texting individual customers, sending mass texts, and setting up automated triggers.

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Reduce friction in the sales and delivery process

Send campaigns announcing new wines, club releases and special promotions. Provide helpful reminders for delivery and answer customer questions with ease.

Engage your customers where they already are

75% of consumers want to engage with businesses via text and 67% say they prefer it over other channels. Texting is the #1 used feature on smartphones, why build or require a fancy app if you don't need to?

Way More Than An Integration

There are tons of texting platforms out there, but Vimbibe is the only one built WITHIN Commerce7. Why jump between different platforms and deal with complex data syncing when you can simply manage all your texts from within Commerce7?

Vimbibe is an app within Commerce7 so all of your data lives in one place. You can text individual customers, clubs, or tagged customer segments. Navigate to a customer's profile to research them. It doesn't get any easier than this to text your customers!

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One Click Customer Opt-Ins

Just because you have a customer's phone number doesn't mean you can legally text them. Customers need to opt-in to your text messages and with other platforms this can be a cumbersome process. Vimbibe offer a free WordPress plugin so you can easily trigger pop-ups on your website to collect opt-ins with just ONE CLICK. 🙌🏻 Heck, this is even easier than collecting email address!

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Why texting?

  • Mass Adoption

    97% of smartphone owners text regularly, yet only 39% of business use texting as communication or sales channel.
  • High Engagement

    90% of texts are opened within 3 minutes and have a 98% open rate overall. How did your last email campaign go?
  • Easy to Personalize

    Consumers demand individualized attention and offers. With texting, you can easily segment your audience and provide relevant content.
  • Cost Efficient

    Send a text for just pennies compared to digital ads which can run you dollars per click.

Texting 👏 wins 👏 every 👏 time

Open Rate

  • 29% Email
  • 98% Texting

Click Rate

  • 6% Email
  • 30% Texting

Conversion Rate

  • 0.48% Email
  • 13% Texting

How It Work

  1. Install our app in just minutes

    Sign up for Vimbibe here and then activate the app in the Commerce7 App Store

  2. Have your customers opt in

    Add the Vimbibe WordPress plugin to your website to allow customers to opt-in for your texts with one click

  3. Start texting your community

    Engage your customers with personalized 1:1 texts, mass campaigns, and automated reminders

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