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Automate your marketing with word-of-mouth referrals.

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Customize your program to fit the needs of your business and let your customers do the referrals for you. What the demo video to see it for yourself.

Free Website Integration

Use our free Vimbibe WordPress plugin so you can advertise your referral program anywhere on your website. Add it to your header, footer, or trigger a pop-up on the order confirmation page. The more you share it, the more referrals you get!

Why a referral program?

  • Highly Effective

    Word of mouth marketing drives 20-50% of consumers’ purchasing decisions.
  • Flexible and Customizable

    Our platform is 100% flexible. Set your incentive and choose the type of reward you want.
  • Automated Efficiency

    Set up your program in minutes and let the platform do the work for you. No manual codes or emailing.
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How It Works

  1. Create An Incentive

    Choose between a product or shipping offer and decide on the value of the incentive. Each customer is automatically assigned a unique referral link to share with their friends which automatically applies the offer.

  2. Set A Reward

    Choose the amount to reward referrers for sharing their unqiue link. After a friend makes a purchase, the referrer will automatically be emailed a digital gift card, in the amount you specify, good towards their next purchase.

  3. Track Your Referral Sales

    Track your referral revenue, customers and more in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Get high returns for little effort. Start your referral program today.

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