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#1 For a Reason: Why texting Is the best way to serve customers

People are most satisfied when you communicate with them right where they are.

Please hold for the next customer service representative.


Here’s something people hate: waiting on hold to talk to a real person when they need something. It’s universal, everyone agrees, this stinks.

Something else everyone agrees on, apparently, is that it’s nice to own a cell phone. In fact, 96% of Americans have one in their pocket (or more likely, in their hand) right now. And they use them. Research shows that people are on mobiles for around 5 hours every day.1 

Open rates for texts are as high as 98%!

This is why your winery needs to embrace texting as an option to serve your customers. It’s what they want. 85% of people prefer a text2 to an email or voicemail, so it’s a waste to ignore this meaningful channel. 

The best part is that the conversation goes two ways, your customer can text you and you can text your customer. Replies take seconds, and require nothing more than a few quick swipes. This isn’t possible with voicemail, which forces people to dial in once to get the message, and then to take the time to call you back. It’s so bulky compared to the ease of texting.

Let’s put this concept into action with some real examples. (PS, you can use this language):

Shipping updates.

A recent study3 learned that for 16% of respondents, just one incorrect delivery time would mean that purchase would be their last. Imagine losing a hard-earn wine club member because one delivery didn’t make it on time! <<< link to shipping article

🗨  Example: Hi Lola! It’s Mark from Pinot Ridge. Thanks for your patience while we rerouted your wine. It’s coming your way later today and don’t forget that you or someone 21+ has to be there to get it. 

A change in plans.

This same study shows that 95% of shoppers expect to be contacted directly if an estimated delivery date changes while the package is out along the route. That means you can’t rely on the shipper’s tracking updates to do this job for you, if you want the customer to be happy. 

🗨  Example: Hey there Lola. It’s Mark from Pinot Ridge. Hey listen, I heard from the shipper that your wine is actually going to arrive tomorrow (5/23) instead of today. Does that work for you? Let me know.

How do I drink this?

Tasting notes and vinification details don’t actually matter to many wine drinkers. With this recent boom in wine sales during COVID-19, the industry is actually learning that people want to buy a wine they know and trust. To help them get to know your wine, give them hints at how to “use” it by offering recipes, serving suggestions and Q+A options via text. There are a couple of ways this can play out:

🗨  Example: Hi Lola, Mark from Pinot Ridge. Thanks for ordering our new bubbly. We worked with a local chef to create a pairing recipe for this bottle. And if you want more bubbly, I can offer you 10% off of your next purchase. Use code SPARKLE at this link. 

🗨  Example: Lola! It’s Mark from Pinot Ridge. Last time you were here you bought a couple of bottles of Merlot. If you need pairing ideas, shoot me a note back. It’s one of my favorites for Memorial Day grilling. If you’d like more bottles, just reply and let me know. Shipping is on us. Thank you!

Credit card updates.

It’s not worth losing your members because their credit card declines. Still this is something that many wineries struggle with. A quick and friendly text is easy for your member and your staff. 

🗨  Example: Hi Lola. It’s Mark from Pinot Ridge. I’m processing your shipment full of yummy rosé. The credit card we have on file seems to have expired, update over the phone at this number, or through a secure exchange at this link.

Get feedback.

Find out if your visitor had a good experience in the tasting room (when it’s open), or if they are happy with your virtual tastings. You can send a text after any interaction and ask for a quick pop of feedback. Net promoter scores help you gauge the loyalty of your customers and ask them to indicate how likely they would recommend your winery. Always close the loop, depending on their response.

🗨  Example: Hi Lola. It’s Mark from Pinot Ridge. On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend a visit to our winery?

Lola: I’d give it a 6.

Mark: What could we do to make that number a 10?

Lola: I had to wait, even though a made a reservation.

Mark: Sorry about that. To make that up to you, take 30% off your next order. Just use the code HAPPY at checkout. Hopefully that helps.

One last thing. Texting and emojis go hand in hand, but what about for a business message like these?😁 According to a recent report, 72% of people do use emojis or images in texts for business communication, so feel free to add a little fun.

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